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I've been at livejournal since who knows when, but after the recent kerfluffle, I decided that I wanted a safe space to call home. Looks like I'm not the only one, given that most everyone I know seems to have migrated over here as well.
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happiest of birthdays to [ profile] bluecolle!!!

I hope life brings you joy and excitement this year!

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Flower Glitter Graphics

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Liza is now nine. God, how did that go by so fast? To commemorate, she got seven stitches in her foot last night. Apparently, when Mommy told the demons to stay out of the office because there are things in there they can get hurt on - she really meant it.

We bought a house! It's big and comfy and omg all ours! No mom, no annoying ex hubby - bliss. Closing is sometime around the end of april.

I'm going to be in DC all next week - hanging out with the Army boys at the big army aviation show. woohoo, let me contain my excitement. Only bonus is that this show usually has the best toys, plus I'll be home in time for Friday's ep of BSG - thank god.

Divorce looks like it might actually happen sometime this year - possibly around august or sept, depending on when the state gets done with dealing with the contempt summons that dipshit's under. He blew off court completely, I guess he figured he was too good to show up or something. Whatever, I just want it done.
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Hope you have a wonderful day!

*throws confetti*
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Aphrodite's Apples is closing, effective February 13, 2008. It was a difficult decision to make on our part, but we feel it will be best for all parties involved. We are not having financial issues, and final royalties shall be calculated and paid out in a timely fashion. We appreciate all the time you've spent on this company, and consider it a privilege to have worked with our authors and readers. Thank you,

--Aphrodite's Apples Press

Thank you!

Jan. 9th, 2008 09:44 pm
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Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. It was an awesome day! The boys took me out to lunch, we stayed for 2 hours and I don't think I stopped laughing once. They all want to meet my prospective dates and make sure they are good enough for me :P My ebil plotting is paying off in spades, which always brings a smile to my face. :D Party on saturday should be one hell of a rocking good time, if I can manage to stay sober enough to cook all the food. B is coming over beforehand to "help" with the cooking preparations, although he tells me that he's really wanting me to match him shot for shot before everyone else gets there. The boys tell me not to read too much into anything, but it's been really funny the things that have happened this week since I let it drop that I'm doing eharmony and

Much love to everyone!
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so, second date of the new year, second guy of the new year... and eharmony are lots of fun :P Nothing earth shattering yet, but the year's still young.

I can't believe it's January again, it seems like it was just yesterday that it was the beginning of 2007.
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So, on the last night of 2007, I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. It's been neither the worst year I've had, nor one of the best, but it did teach me a few things. Granted, some of them were things I'd learned before, then forgotten, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

Happy New Year to one and all and may you all get that which makes you happy.
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Happy Birthday Andrea!

I wish you nothing but joy and hope for the coming year! - Gráficos em Português
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Aphrodites Apples has revamped our site. Hopefully, it'll be much easier to use and purchase books than it was before. We had a new release hit today, Blood of the Dark Moon, an erotic tale involving a vampire and a devoted follower of Apollo.

See ya there!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] tracyj23

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Tracy, I hope you have a lovely day!


Oct. 14th, 2007 09:01 am
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*glows with happiness*

Had the best weekend! I don't even think I can put it into words, to be honest. Suffice it to say that maybe there's more to this dating thing than I'd previously thought. :D
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I was scrolling friendsfriends tonight and came across a post from [ profile] mistress_mab about her friend Erin. Having been on the wrong end of the Insurance industry in America, I decided to pass this one along. It's painless, she's not asking for handouts or money, although god knows enough people do that on lj, it's just simply clicking a link and downloading a letter that you can trash once you've read it.

I need a favor from you guys. A very good friend of mine is going through something very serious - life threatening serious. And you can help out. I don't need your money, just maybe five minutes of your time, a little more if you're willing to repost this on your journal. Click the link to read more.

Pay it forward.
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Happiest of happy birthday's to [ profile] tamefarrar!

I hope you have a wonderful year filled with joy and happiness and much hot pilot lovin!
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ok, given the insanity that is ruling around here, I got two other journals just to be on the safe side.

I'm angylinni at greatestjournal, Insanejournal and Journalfen.

Friend at will, I'm pretty bad about keeping this journal updated, but I am going to make an attempt. I'm probably going to get a writers blog over at blogspot at some point, but for the moment, all of my original stuff will be up at [ profile] angela_skaggs Please friend that journal if you want to read my works in progress and find out when my books will be published.

A poll

Jul. 22nd, 2007 08:07 pm
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So, one of the romance review sites did a similar poll and it made me curious. Is it representative of the majority of book buyers? I know most of my flist are avid readers, so I thought I'd pose the same question to you.

[Poll #1026065]
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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] redcandle17!

J - I hope you have a day filled with joy and happiness and a year of everything you wish for!
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ok, becasue I'm an insecure, whiny boob author, I'd like to get some feedback. Ideally, what I'm looking for is people to read this thing that will not leave my head and is demanding to be written and tell me if it works, doesn't work, if the chars are fully fleshed out, if you like it, hate it, etc. I'm going to do a filter for just those that wish to concrit - and when I mean concrit, I mean as honest and bloody as you can make it. I have a thick skin, trust me, I can take it. I am insecure after having suffered from writers block for nearly 11 months, thus I turn to you, my friends list.

So, comment and I will add you to the filter.


Oh, I should offer up something of what I'm going to be asking you to read, that might be helpful, eh?

Brezac Hegemony )
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oh yes, must pass this one along!
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Happiest of birthdays to my friend Kat.

I hope you have a lovely, lovely day dear, and a year filled with joy and happiness ( and much time with Handsome :P)
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