May. 8th, 2007

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so, here I am in Atlanta - bored out of my skull. John will be here on friday, and of course I have the trade show to keep me busy during the day, but damn, the nights are boring as all get out. Yeah, I could go out somewhere, but somewhere between college and getting married, I lost the taste for hanging out by myself somewhere I don't know anyone. Anti-social? Most days yeah, until my need for interaction with the human race drives me from the comfort of my computer chair.

I'm watching lots of lee/kara vids, and in the process have discovered some pretty damn good music. I wish I had the tolerance to listen to the radio, because I'm sure I'd find a lot of this stuff myself if I did, but the endless parade of bad music has left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it's just that philly has some shitty ass radio stations?

The muse is gnawing at my ankles, but I can't seem to get anything coherent down on paper. Part of it is that whole lack of concentration thing rearing it's head again, and I'm sure the stress and bullshit that I'm wading through aren't helping either. A friend at work and I were talking and we both decided we needed an extra five hours added to each day, that way we'd have a four day weekend, two days for all the crap that comes along when you have a family and a house and a life to take care of and two days to do fuck-all and whatever the hell you want. I really like this idea - any takers? :D

meh - when did I get this boring? I used to have fun, no matter what was going on.


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