Feb. 6th, 2007

Book Recs!

Feb. 6th, 2007 11:16 am
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Aphrodite's Apples has just released a lot of great new books, you should check them out, well worth the read!

Let the pimpage ensue...


Through a mutual agreement, Dixie becomes the protégé of Mitchell Wilcox, a gentle, but firm benefactor. Under his loving guidance, Dixie explores the boundaries of her sexual fantasies and her most intimate desires. *sensual exploration of the sub/dom lifestyle*

The Summoner

A High Prince of Hell...

Mortals – God’s perfect playthings – this fallen angel hates them all.

But when Kasdeya finds himself facing a thousand-year prison sentence, he has no choice but to call on the one woman who can set him free. The Summoner.

The plan is simple: Seduce the little wench and convince her to summon him to Earth. No problem. If only she wasn’t so argumentative, so intelligent… if only she wasn’t so damned sexy.

The Summoner...

Ever since she was a child, Alex has heard voices calling to her in the dark. Alexandra, they whisper. Summoner...

One day, she answers.

When Alex realizes she has the unique ability to summon demons, she’s horrified. There’s no way she’s going to set one of them free on Earth to wreak God knows what kind of havoc. No way! If only he wasn’t so beautiful, so persuasive…if only he wasn’t so damned sexy.

*so hot, so good, highly, highly recommend!*


Kalie Nova is doomed to a life of poverty after a brilliant career in the Pompeagan Space Navy. Kalie doesn't plan on being subject to her fate for long. In attempt to gain cash credits to raise her living status, she comes across some traitorous dealings by her superior, General Vitrac. With explosive speed Kalie learns that he is developing a biological weapon of the most unusual kind, one that makes use of an alien race. Moreover, Vitrac’s project reveals the existence of a secret from her past, one that has been buried her entire life.

While trying to escape these strange aliens who are suddenly out to kill her, she meets the stunning imperial agent, Rigel Stone.

Just as Kalie believes she’s safely in the hands of her new lover, the aliens track her down and Kalie narrowly escapes. Her handsome agent transforms from lover to hunter when he is given the exclusive job by the galaxy’s leaders to arrest Kalie at all costs.

Kalie is cunning and quick. Rigel Stone is even quicker. Eventually they must join forces to avert what could become the next Great War. Kalie is torn when she must manipulate Rigel in order to unveil the musty secrets of her past. This ruse becomes more difficult as she and Rigel find themselves tangled in a web of love and deceit that takes them on a convoluted adventure across the stars, and into the black depths on the dark side of Azar.

*Romantic epic that will draw you in totally.*


When Elena loses her first love, it breaks a part of her, and changes her for a time. She begins to use all those who had been close to her, all those she loved, and suddenly turns away from them, bringing herself into a kind of downward spiral. *I really liked this one, and recognized far too much of myself in Elena.*

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